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Impoverished Early Childhood & PBS

Let’s just be clear for a second: Millions of children living below the poverty line have NO access to quality early childcare to nurture their minds. They enter school already well behind their more affluent peers. 

That deficit is minimized (not solved, just lessened) by the quality of PBS programming, Sesame Street as the flagship. You can’t talk equal access to education (and by proxy equity and equality — read as social justice) without addressing this key Experience Gap. 

Cutting PBS is paramount to cutting the lifeline to some meager amount of early childhood education for millions of impoverished children across this nation of ours. At a scant 0.012% of the federal budget, it is well worth the cost. We should be outraged at the hypocrisy of anyone talking about education without acknowledging the vital importance of the earliest years. 

PBS is working to fill that gap. What are we doing?

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