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Edu-blog Nominations

Best Group blog: Ecology of Education — Insightful posts on a range of edu-topics by big thinkers. 

Individual Tweeter: @EdReformPR — Sarcastic, humorous, clever, and occasionally ridiculous. 

Administrator Blog: A Space for Learning by @PamMoran — Intelligent, progressive, steeped in the space between pedagogical theory and practical application. 

Best Open PD: Global Education Conference — The global reach connects educators and thinkers from around the world, empowering them through collaboration and networking. 

Lifetime Achievement: @DianeRavitch — Having dedicated enough time to education to see the fruits of her efforts and then to have the courage to stand against the very reforms she championed has made her a model for reflective learning. Her work continues to influence on a broad scale. 

Free Web Tool: Learner Sketch Tool — Empowering learners of all ages to better understand and leverage their own learner profiles to meet their goals. Increases metacognition and gives teachers and students a starting point for dialoguing about authentic personalized learning. 

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